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We are currently still doing training, in the gym (two locations to choose from), in home, or in community center facilities in peoples subdivisions or condo buildings.


a year ago
John's knowledge and training expertise is exceptional. In March of 2019 I started working with John taking strength training lessons twice a week. As a 71 year old retired male, I decided that I needed to increase my overall strength and body conditioning. I respect John's extensive knowledge and abilities. At my age it is not uncommon to have new aches and pains that can impact a training regime. John has geared my training to ensure that I minimize activities that would aggravate such manifestations and customizes specific exercises and stretching routines to eliminate them should they occur. I have found his routines to be more helpful than services I have received from professional Physical Therapist. I have made great strides in my physical conditioning that I don't think I could have made with any other trainer.
- Wayne V
a year ago
Bruno is an excellent trainer! He is passionate about strength training. He is highly educated and brings that expertise to every session. I’m not one to be motivated with yelling and screaming so I really appreciate the fact that Bruno takes a calm and measured approach with his clients. He is encouraging and pushes me to meet my goals.
- Kristen E
a year ago
What can I say? John is the most incredible trainer I've ever met. And I've been a gym rat for 30 years. John is super ntelligent, constantly researches advances in all areas of fitness, and fine tunes his expertise to each client. But the real skill I love is his ability to focus on whomever he's training, whether an experienced athlete or a fitness-challenged newbie. I'd say John is a zen master savant in the realm of fitness.
- Linda F

About Us

Hello! My name is John Bruno and I am a former NCAA strength and conditioning coach and martial arts instructor originally from Erie Pennsylvania, where I worked for about 10 years at Mercyhurst University, also in Erie. I am truly passionate about my career as a strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer. I love helping others learn and succeed. Also, I very much enjoy bettering myself through my own training journey by practicing what I preach. On top of that, I am passionate about continuing my own education as a fitness professional and regularly read, attend seminars, and practice new skills in both nutrition and fitness. In late 2014, after finishing graduate school, I moved to Sarasota Florida where I now reside full time; I live in The Meadows area.

Here is a summary of my credentials and Qualifications:

John J. Bruno, MS, CSCS, PES, CSS, FMS, USAW

Masters Degree in Exercise Science – Performance Enhancement / Injury Prevention
Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coach
Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certified Nutrition Coach
AIS Active Isolated Stretching Practitioner Aaron Mattes Method
NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist
FMS Functional Movement Screening Specialist (Level II)
NASE Certified Speed Specialist
RKC Certified Kettlebell Lifting Instructor
AKC Certified Kettlebell Lifting Coach
Certified Associate Grappling Instructor, Harris International
Certified Apprentice L5 Jeet Kune Do, French, Filipino, and Indonesian Martial Arts Instructor

I have trained elite athletes as well as out of shape people looking to get back in shape, and elderly people with orthopedic problems such as hip and knee replacements, and everyone in between of all ages. I have the education and experience to help anyone succeed. I am excited to work with you and guide you to success.

I am very much looking forward to helping you succeed in your fitness journey, whatever that may be for you. In my own education and development, I have been coached by and mentored under some of the best in the industry over the past 18 years. I look forward to sharing this knowledge and these skills with you.

Below I have created an outline of my background and services so that you have the choice to read everything in depth or quickly find the section(s) that are of most interest to you.

Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest.

Yours in Fitness,


John Bruno Strength and Conditioning
Personal Training
Martial Arts
Nutrition Coaching

Section 1 – How to Get Started

To start out with, I would like to offer you a complimentary fitness assessment. This is where we will discuss goals and training schedule. This way, you will see I am the most qualified trainer to help you tone up, lose body fat, build muscle, gain strength and look and feel great. I will teach you a complete comprehensive program including protocols for cardiovascular aerobic and resistance training. Also, we will better organize your nutrition to enhance your results. I will track your body composition regularly as we go. This will ensure we are creating the desired changes (for example, to make sure we are losing fat and not muscle).

I ask you to read the reviews on my profile. See what my previous and current clients have to say about training with me. Also, I have many certifications but would like to specifically point out that I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). This is considered the gold standard of certifications; it is the hardest to attain and is the only one accepted by the NCAA for working with Division One athletes.

Remember, this is about you and I am eager to hear your story and find out what your fitness aspirations are. This way I can customize your programming so that you can optimally attain your fitness goals by working smarter.

The best way to contact me to schedule your complimentary fitness assessment is to text my cell phone at:

(814) 397-6201

Texting is good because if I am with a client, I can get back to you when I am on break. If you would rather call my cell phone, please feel free. However, keep in mind that I may not be able to pick up as I may be with a client. However, I do regularly check my messages.

You can also email me or leave a message on google or email me at the address below:

Section 2 – Location of Training / Nutrition

Option 1:

I currently train the bulk of my clients at the SRQ Performance gym near the I75 exit at Fruitville Road… about 5 minutes from the exit. This is a smaller performance center style gym. Only people working with myself or one of the other trainers go here. YOU DO NOT NEED A MEMBERSHIP TO TRAIN WITH ME AT THIS GYM. I will give you directions when you schedule your assessment; The address is:

2183 Porter Lake Dr.
Sarasota, FL 34240

Option 2:

I also train people at the Indoor Pool and Wellness Center at Sun N Fun RV Park which is also about 5 minutes off the Fruitville road exit of I75. This is a larger facility with more amenities. It is a good fit for those looking to join a gym to work out at times when you are not training with me one on one. YOU WILL NEED TO BUY A MEMBERSHIP TO TRAIN AT THIS GYM. I will give you directions when you schedule your assessment; the address is:

7125 Fruitville Rd
Sarasota, FL 34240

Option 3:

I also provide in home training services or training in your community fitness center; for example, people that live in condos with gyms or people that have their own facility at home. Because drive time is involved, I usually have to charge more than my regular rates but for some people the time saved is worth the additional cost (see them in fees section).

Option 4:

Nutrition services are done in person by appointment at a mutually decided location, over Skype or Facetime, or by phone. Ongoing communication is done by email, text, and phone call, and in person meetings when needed. 

Section 3 – Prices

Let me be candid and say that this type of customized training will not fit everyone’s budget. These prices are for customized one on one personal training.

The price range for personal training ranges from 160.00/month to 1200.00+/month with the average monthly packages running from 400.00 to 800.00 per month.

Discounted training packages are available which generally save you 5 to 10 dollars per session from the single session rate, which is often a 50 to 80 dollar per month savings. Generally, packages require a minimum of a 3 months commitment. I do have the ability to customize a package for special needs and cases and I will cover exact pricing options during the assessment. However, the single session rate for 1 hour is 75.00 and single session rate for 30 minutes is 40.00 at one of the gyms listed in “Section 2 – Location of Training / Nutrition”; so if you sign up for a training package, you will receive a better rate than the single session rate.

Section 4 – Types of Services Provided
A.    Performance Training and Strength and Conditioning for Sports
B.    Personal Training Customized for Each Individual Client
C.    Periodization
D.    Program Design
E.     Educational Programming – Teaching you how to do it on your own
F.      Elderly Clients / Senior Fitness
G.    Body Fat Reduction and Weight Loss
H.    Mass Building and Weight Gain
I.      Nutrition Coaching
J.     Injury Rehabilitation
K.    Corrective Exercise / Movement Correction / Posture Correction
L.     Pre-Surgery Preparation Training and Post-Surgery Recovery Training
M.   Joint Pain (example: Knees, Hips, Shoulders, etc.)
N.    Back Pain Reduction, Therapy, Strengthening, and Safety
O.    Balance Training
P.    Olympic Lifting
Q.    Power Lifting
R.    Functional Training
S.    Kettlebell
T.    Active Isolated Stretching / Flexibility
U.   Other Health Conditions
V.    Parkinson’s
W.   Osteoporosis Prevention
X.   Self Defens

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